Nayaswami Jaya, who presided over the event writes:

Swamiji’s Chennai program was a complete success. We had booked the premier hall in the city, The Music Academy, a beautiful auditorium with balcony seating 1400 but were worried that we might not be able to fill it. Of all the cities on this year’s tour, we have the least presence in Chennai compared to the others.

As it turned out, not only did we fill the hall but late comers were seated in every available spot in the aisles with the sides and back completely lined with people standing. Hundreds watched on a screen in the lobby and we received reports that another thousand were turned away. It was amazing. It’s difficult to say what the total crowd was but certainly over 2000 in attendance, not counting those that couldn’t get in. A full half hour before Swami arrived, the place was packed.

As you can imagine Swamiji was thrilled and gave a beautiful talk to a receptive audience.

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